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The following articles focus on the situation of People Living with HIV/AIDS in Latin America as well as the Caribbean. Some of the articles also focus on gay and lesbian life in various countries in the region.

Most of these articles are authored by the Association's Director Richard Stern.

September, 2003: TAGLINE: Special Latin American Issue focused on Regional Treatment Access

April 2005: Goliath attacks back:Bureaucracy, the local capacity abilities and popular participation following Bolivia’s Global Fund project approval. PDF SWF

April 2007: Letter From Belize: Homophobia is Alive and Well

December 2002: Report on First National Belize AIDS Conference, November 28-29,2002

Nov 2003: Caribbean AIDS Outreach Efforts Hampered by Homophobia, Violence

Costa Rica:
July 2010: Costa Rica: Abbott Against Hetero with PLWA caught in the Middle

Apr 2010: Report on a Meeting in Costa Rica Focused on the Analysis of a Stock-out just prior to Easter week.

July 2003: A review of the Regional AIDS conference in

April 2003:
AIDS and Human Rights in Cuba: A Personal Memoir


February 2010: Baxter Laboratories Accused of Discrimination Against PLWA

February 2007: Ecuador Achieves a Significant Reduction in Antiretroviral Prices

Dominican Republic :
June 2006: Dominican PLWA call for Massive Scaling Up of Treatment Access and End to Illegal but Widespread Discrimination

July 2005: Accessing ARV treatment in the Dominican Republic: A Case History

July 2005: The Dominican Republic Global Fund Project: An Open Letter from Eugene Schiff, of Agua Buena, replying to BRAD HERBERT, GFATM Chief of Operations

June 2005: 30 Months after grant approval: Global Fund continues to fail Dominican PLWA's

September 2004: Deadly Bureaucracy: Dominican Republic Retreats from “3 x 5” commitments, Lowers ARV Access Goals

2004: Dominican Realities Incongruent with a "Caribbean United Against AIDS"

May 2007: Guatemala's National HIV/AIDS Program faces disinterest by higher authorities and immediate budget shortages:  $3 Million Dollars Needed to Fill Gap for 2007

May 2004: Current State of Anti-Retroviral Access in Guatemala

2004: Global Fund Bureacracy Results in More Needless Deaths in Guatemala


October 2006: Misinformation and denial of evidence based HIV/AIDS treatment and prevention spreads within Caribbean Region


Abril 2007: Outcomes and Conclusions: Honduras Forum on Access to Treatment and Human Rights for People Living with HIV/AIDS

September 2003: In Honduras Treatment Access Improves for People Living with HIV/AIDS


December 2002: Honduran Government Stops “Medidas Cautelares” with Threats and Intimidation

December 2006: Second Line ARVs in India: An exchange of letters between Agua Buena and Global Fund

April 2005: Indian Government Bureacracies Kill Off People Living with AIDS.

January 2004: India's AIDS Tragedy Highlighted at World Social Forum

December 2005: Murder of Jamaican HIV Activist Steve Harvey, Action needed from UNAIDS, PAHO, and PANCAP

November 2005: Government Neglect Creates Potential for Explosion of HIV/TB Epidemic and Multi-drug resistant TB in Jamaica

December 2004: 7,500 Jamaicans Lack Access to Anti-Retroviral Therapy; most will die long before the universal ARV access target is reached in 2009

June 2004: Gay in Jamaica: The brutal slaying of an activist spurs an outcry against bigotry

January 2003: Jamaican Bays, Beaches Offer No Safe Harbor for People with HIV/AIDS

February 2006: Case Study: Thousands in Nicaragua Lack ARV Access while Global Fund project treats 100 per year

February 2005: Unacceptable Management of the Global Fund Project in Nicaragua

2004: Delays in purchasing ARV's for Global Fund Project Continue

May 2004: 700 PLWA in Panama Face 'Death by Bureaucracy'

July 2010: Do you know about someone who is not getting the medical attention that they should be getting?

Marzo 2008: A Call for transparency in the preparation of Round 8 Global Fund Grant Proposals in Latin America

Noviembre 2007: Response from the Director of the Global Fund to the Open Letter from Richard Stern -PDF

Octubre 2007: An Open Letter to Dr. Michel Kaztchkine, Director of the Global Fund

September 2006: Abbott Announces Lower, but still over 400% Higher Price for Kaletra for the poorest countries in Latin America: Company Promises Heat Stable Formulation will be Available Soon

January 2006: A Key Subject: Communications and International Activism

January 2006: Language Barriers imposed by international organizations inhibit participation of Latin-American activism

July 2005: Antiretroviral Access Panorama continues to be grim for much of Latin America

April 2005: Caribbean Governments and International Agencies Failing to “Turn the Tide:”

February 2005: Response to Latin American PLWA from Anandi Yuvaraj, Global Fund Civil Society Board member representing PLWA Communities

June 2004: Organizing for Access: The Agua Buena Human Rights Association

May 2004: Ban on generic AIDS drugs will prove to be fatal mistake

2004: AIDS Activists Blast Roche's 'Pay or Die' Policy

2000: About Agua Buena Director Richard Stern

Trinidad & Tobago:
November 2004:
Beyond crime, carnival, and cricket: A visitor’s perspective on achievements and critical challenges impeding ARV treatment access for people living with AIDS in Trinidad and Tobago



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