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Section: Latinamerica
July 26th, 2002.

Latin American marchers demand treatment access at AIDS2002
By Richard Stern*

People Living with HIV/AIDS from Latin America and their supporters

expressed their frustrations at an impromptu demonstration inside the

grounds of the 14th International AIDS Conference in Barcelona

lateThursday afternoon.

Shouting "access for all" and blowing whistles, about 50 marchers circled

the exhibition booths and stopped at the UNAIDS booth wherevarious

speakers from the region denounced the lack of commitment onthe part of

National Governments in the region as well as theInternational Agencies,

including UNAIDS and PAHO, whose role it is to facilitate expanded access

to care and treatment by dialoguing wit hand supporting National AIDS


In a press release, marchers presented a series of demands to UNAIDS

related to various regional issues.

Marchers received loud applause as they passed various NGO booths from all

parts of the world. As they passed pharmaceutical company booths they

chanted "generic medications now."

Excluding Brazil which provides universal anti-retroviral acces onlyabout

25,000 of an estimated 150,000 people from the region have access to

anti-retroviral therapy.

Marchers were from Costa Rica, Ecuador, Peru, Chile, El

Salvador,Guatemala, Argentina, Venezuela, Colombia, Boliva and Brasil.

The marchers also decried conference organizers for not including more

Latin American people in the agenda and for issues related to logistics

and organization. "I felt like I was placed into a ghetto by Conference

Organizers and it has affected my health," said one PWAs from Peru,

referring to University housing which was provided for Conference

Scholarships recipients, some 25 kilometers from the Conference Site. No

shuttle bus service was available, only public transportation, with the

nearest train station nearly a kilometer's walk from the University


Another asked "how is it possible that Conference Organizers didn't

provide us a forum to express what we need? We are dying, and the

Conference organizers don't seem to care."

In their press release the group stated that "what we have experienced as

a group in Barcelona within the conference itself has been a sense of

discrimination and rejection. The Latin American reality has been

consistently devalued."

At some point, activists from Act Up Paris joined the march, but when they

began to spray paint the pharmaceutical company booths, Latin American

activists left the activity while the Act Up group continued to go from

booth to booth.

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