Agua Buena
Asociación de
Derechos Humanos

San José Costa Rica
Teléfonos: (506) 2280-3548
P.O.Box: 366-2200 Coronado

Casas Agua Buena

An Option for Travelers on a Budget in San José

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We also offer budget style accomodations for visiting students and travelers in "Casas Agua Buena." There are three furnished houses (each with six bedrooms) in the San Pedro area, about a mile from the University of Costa Rica and about three miles East of downtown San José.

Each house offers the following features:

*common kitchen with all utensils, and dishes provided, two baths with hot showers

*telephone: unlimited local calls (outgoing long distance calls collect or credit card only. Note: that there are no direct incoming long distance calls. For in-coming long distance, messages must be left at the office number, and we will deliver your message to you at the earliest possible opportunity.

*television with Cable channels from the United States

*washing machine

*fully furnished living and dining area

*fax service available-- only through the main office, but you don't have direct access to the computer. (The office is not in the house) If you have a laptop you can open your own account and use the phone in the house for e-mail access, keeping in mind that the phone is shared. There are internet cafes throughout the San Pedro area.

*Agua Buena does not discriminate on the basis of religion, race, national origin, ethnicity, age or sexual preference. We respect all life styles and prefer to have guests who feel the same way.

The living situation may be described as "semi-communal." Good tenants for us are quiet people who may be in San Jose on vacation, studying, or working on projects. We ask for quiet after l0 p.m. and we are very concerned about security. Use of alcoholic beverages must be minimal. Our guests exchange information about good places to see in Costa Rica, and provide a sort of ready made peer group for each other. You may have visitors (one visitor at a time) using common sense and good judgment, given that it is a group living situation. We do not permit parties under any circumstances.

Prices start at $60 per week, and $160 per month and range up to about $80 per week and $250 per month.

For more information about the houses contact us at

Tel/Fax 506-2280-3548

Please note: When reserving rooms by Internet, remember that you are making a commitment to occupy the room just as we are making a commitment to have the room available for you. We do not give refund of deposits or any portion of the first month's rent. However after completing the first month, you are entitled to receive a refund of any unused portion of your rent.

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